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Know more about Etihad Airways Phone Number

Etihad Airways Phone Number

Etihad Airways Reservations is the second largest airlines in the United Arab Emirates. The airlines, however, hail from the United Arab Emirates but it still has great connectivity across the United States. The headquarters for the airlines is situated at Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi. The airline operates more 1000 flights in a week. It manages a network across 120 destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, and the Americas. The fleet size of the airlines comprises of Airbus and Boeing amounting to a total of 117 aircraft. Etihad is best known to provide you with comfort during your travel. Etihad is not an airline it is an experience and in your lifetime you totally should experience it. So let’s have a closer look at the Etihad Experience that you get at Etihad Airways Phone Number.

Let’s have a look at the cabin classes that we have for you

The Residence

Etihad Airways brings for you the best possible luxury in the form of your The Residence. This class can accommodate one or two people as it is spread over a space of 125 square feet (11.6 m2). This cabin features a private living room, bedroom, and bathroom. The Residence features a 60.6-inch wide two-seater reclining sofa. For your entertainment 32-inch (81 cm) TV monitor in the lounge. An ensuite bathroom with shower waits for you, and a wide double bed in the bedroom which also includes a TV monitor and a personal butler.

First Apartment

We bring luxury redefined for you in our First Class. Our Airbus A380s was overhauled with the "First Apartments". There are nine in total, configured 1-1 across a single aisle, each. It features a wide reclining chair; a full-length armchair which can be transformed into a bed, a TV monitor which can swing to align itself to the armchair so that it can be viewed from the bed. You also have access to a vanity cabinet and a bar with assorted chilled drinks. This class was named the world's best first class due to the Topnotch treatment that you get in this class. Book tickets to this experience now at Etihad Airways Reservations.

Business Studio

For all our business travelers we have the Business Studio. This studio is available on both models, with 70 seats on the Airbus A380s, 28 on the Boeing 787-9s, and 32 on the Boeing 787-10s. The studio seats include a wide reclining chair, which converts into a fully flat bed, and a TV monitor. The seats have leather covers that are tailored by Poltrona Frau.

Economy Smart Seat

To us, at Etihad Airways every travel that you book with us is equally important. This is why we bring Economy Smart seats to feature a wide seat on the Boeing 787 and on the Airbus A380, with a comfortable recline. There is also a touch screen fitted with Etihad's entertainment system. A fixed wing is placed in between to allow passengers to rest upon.

Common Facilities like the following are always available in all our cabin classes.

• Wi-Fi

• Special Meals

• Entertainment

• Magazines and journals

So what are you waiting for? Book tickets now at Etihad Airways Reservations add a luxurious yet affordable experience to your travel.

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