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Ditch the queues on travels with kids at Lufthansa Airlines

Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number

It becomes difficult at times to spend the time at the airport with children. You can visit the kids play areas, which are available at most airports. You can find all the important information on the Lufthansa Airlines website of your departure and destination airport. You can also use Lufthansa Family Check-in areas will tell you how to spend the most time with your children at the airport. Add paragraph text here.

Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number

Pleasurable flying experience with children

Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number

The family-friendly airline, responds to the wishes and needs of every passenger be it child or adult and meet the high standards of safety and quality. When planning a journey with baby, rest assured as at Lufthansa Airline Flights you will get best and special service. You will get plenty of water for the baby bottle on the board. It also provides a limited supply of baby food. Add paragraph text here.

Special baby beds available at flight

Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number

For the long-distance flights, a special arrangement is done for the babies under 11 kg body weight and 67 cm tall. Reserve the perfect baby cots before 52 hours of departure. You can reserve the baby crib seat at reasonable prices. Avail the amazing service at the airlines to provide the next level of comfort to your baby. Contact now at Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number for more support and assistance regarding this. For the safety on board, you are allowed to bring your child car seats or carrycots for your children. For the safety on board, you are allowed to bring your child car seats or carrycots for your children.

Special care for children traveling alone

You need not worry about the children traveling alone. We know that solo travelers need special care. At Lufthansa, the children are in the best of hands. The friendly staff at Lufthansa treats the children with great empathy at the airport, during the flight and after landing. The children can travel alone in following conditions

• Children between the ages of 5 and 11 are allowed to fly alone only is they make use of care service available at Lufthansa. Or travel with a person who is at least 12 years old.

• Children traveling alone may be cared for at the age of 12 to a maximum of 17 years on a special request by the parents.

The care services at the Airlines have been a great relaxation to the parents .70, 000 children with Airlines every year. The Lufthansa care service ensures that children and their relatives are well cared, during the flight and after landing. For, ensuring the safety, your child will be handed over by the crew to an employee who will escort you to their pickup. The child must be picked up directly at the destination airport by the shipper.

Call the experts at Lufthansa Airlines Phone Number for more assistance and support regarding the amazing services.

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